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Modernize your business today by making your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable with our Cloud and Infrastructure Management Services.

cloud and infrastructure

Enterprises are viewing the cloud as a key business enabler and as a means to digitally transform their core. Cloud is top of mind for the C-suite as enterprises are leveraging cloud for a more holistic end-to-end digital transformation instead of just lifting and shift of workloads to achieve quick cost savings. The winners of tomorrow will be the ones that adopt this change rapidly, and make the right choices by engaging with appropriate ecosystem partners to enhance their own capabilities. Read an article from 2015 written by our Chief Technology Adviser in CIOReview magazine, a leading print, and digital magazine,  on how to harness the power of Google as a Cloud Platform:

PDS offers a full spectrum of services to help you realize the value of your cloud platform. We have deep expertise in leading cloud technologies and can help you assess which of your workloads should be on-premise, in the Cloud, or hosted as a cloud-based managed service. We help in quickly creating, launching, and delivering your cloud strategy, infrastructure modernization, and digital workplace solutions to create exceptional experiences for your customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. 

Cloud Migration: Modernize, integrate, and manage your cloud and infrastructure workloads to realize the full value of the Cloud. Enterprises of today need a highly available and scalable IT infrastructure that provides the computing foundation, including network, workplace, and data infrastructure for running business-critical applications. Our Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services help in your journey to cloud by deploying, optimizing, and managing your IT infrastructure with agility and flexibility to keep up with the demands of your business.

PDS helps you in navigating the complexity of determining the right cloud strategy, landing zones, data sovereignty considerations,  operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partners. We help you accelerate your journey to the Cloud that is secure, cost-effective, and nimble.

We migrate all types of workloads to the cloud, namely Application data, mail, and many more. We help clients migrate their applications and on-prem infrastructure to the cloud with a customized approach to meet their business goals and solve any technology constraints. Our migration playbook ensures successful cloud migration no matter where you are in your cloud journey. We create a detailed plan for your cloud migration journey, ensuring nearly zero disruption to your current operations.

Cloud Native Development: We help in building cloud-native applications that leverage microservices architecture to create modular, low-cost applications that can be easily engineered to offer differentiated services. Modernize your legacy applications or build new ones by harnessing the power of modern cloud-native architectures such as serverless, microservices, container technology (Docker / Kubernetes), and CI/CD to rapidly deliver highly scalable, easy-to-maintain software services. 

Application Containerization: Container technology can be leveraged by enterprises planning for cloud migration and/ or don’t have the means to re-write all the applications to be cloud-native. Docker / Kubernetes help enterprises in maximizing the utilization of cloud resources by increasing the density of their cloud deployments. Container technology allows hosting a wide variety of workloads, modern and legacy, extracting every penny out of each virtual machine usage you purchase.

We help enterprises containerize their applications leveraging automation tools that can generate Docker images of running workloads and run the workloads as a container. This helps in eliminating cloud deployment that is not fully utilized with one that is a densely populated and highly-utilized set of cloud computing resources.

Cost Optimization: Enterprises are realizing that they are unable to control their cloud migration costs or extract enough value or savings from their cloud deployments. The causes can be multiple over-provisioning, zombie instances, and hardly used instances, to name a few. Our Cloud Cost Optimization services evaluate and deploy solutions for many of these problems such as overnight idling, use of spot instances, or a complete architectural overhaul. We assess your environment using qualitative and quantitative tools to identify areas of optimization. We can use solutions that are non-invasive or ones where significant code-level changes are required and can deploy them quickly, efficiently, and predictably.

Backup & Recovery: Data backup and recovery is critical to restoring normal operations after a disrupting event. Gone are the days of conventional tape-based backup systems that operate with success rates well below 50%. We deliver a secure cloud-based approach for remote backup with a 95% or greater success rate.

Migration Playbook: Migrating workloads to a Cloud Platform such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, and other platforms can be a complex process, but with the right approach, it can be done efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business. At PDS, we have developed a playbook for each type of migration service. Following is an illustration of the steps that are taken to migrate applications to a cloud platform:

Assess your current infrastructure: Understand what you currently have, what is running and what are the dependencies. This will help identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement.

Create a migration plan: Develop a plan that outlines the steps required to move clients' applications to Cloud Platform, including timelines, resource requirements, and contingencies.

Test and validate: Test the migration process in a development or staging environment to ensure that it works as expected and to identify and resolve any issues.

Migrate: Move applications to the Cloud Platform, taking care to minimize downtime and ensure that data is properly migrated and protected.

Monitor and optimize: Monitor the performance of applications in and make any necessary adjustments to optimize performance and reduce costs.

Continuously Improve: Continuously monitor and improve the applications in the Cloud Platform, taking advantage of new features and capabilities as they become available.

Cloud Platform providers also provide a variety of tools and services to help with migration, such as the Cloud Platform Migration Center, Cloud Deployment Manager, Cloud Endpoints, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Storage. We can use these tools to automate the migration process and make it more efficient.

When migrating applications to the cloud, there are several key changes that are often made to the application architecture, such as:

  • Scaling: Cloud environments allow for easy scaling of resources, so applications can be scaled up or down as needed to meet changing demands.
  • High Availability: Cloud providers offer built-in redundancy and failover capabilities, making it easier to achieve high availability for applications.
  • Flexibility: Cloud environments provide flexibility in terms of the types of resources that can be used, such as computing, storage, and networking.
  • Security: Cloud providers offer a variety of security features and services, such as encryption, authentication, and access controls, to help secure applications and data.
  • Automation: Cloud environments provide tools and services for automating the deployment and management of applications, making it easier to manage and maintain them.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Cloud providers offer monitoring and logging services that allow you to collect, store, and analyze data about your application’s performance, errors, and usage.
  • Cost Optimization: Cloud environments allow for more fine-grained control of resources, making it easier to optimize costs by only paying for what is used.
  • Microservices Architecture: Cloud environments enable the use of microservices architecture, allowing for a more modular and scalable approach to building applications.

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