Statutory & Regulatory Compliances

Companies operating in India today need to comply with what can be a daunting multitude of national and state legislation and regulations to ensure compliancy PDS provide clients with guidance on statutory and regulatory obligations relevant to their industry and their operational base including drug and food licenses, excise and sales tax registrations, IEC codes, NOC from local firefighting authorities, incineration from local pollution board authorities etc.

With strict adherence to applicable regulations at our heart, we ensure compliance without even minor deviation. We are registered under Import Export Code (Required for importing and exporting), VAT in most of the states (Required for domestic movement of materials for any purpose), LBT ‘Local Body Tax’ (Required for movement of materials in specific Municipal locations in the State of Maharashtra, India) and other registrations which are mandatory for running business in any State.

We have 18 years of domain expertise in handling the requisite permissions and also the process /documentation involved for importing, stocking, distribution and export of materials for providing post sales part support, reverse logistics and also for trading.

We also have a scientific and secure indexed documents storage facility to ensure storage of documents for the period as required under related regulations.

We engage national experts for addressing any special queries as and when sought by any regulatory authority. And our in-house team also keeps abreast of the changes in any regulations related to our business.

Any amendment related to the business we carry on is immediately updated to us by the consultants engaged by us in every state and necessary changes are made by us in the documentation/process/ tax as the case may require.

Mandatory road permits are made available for expeditious movement of materials. Periodic assessments and audits are completed in all the states on time.

MNC's is relieved of front ending with any regulatory authority in India whereby being able to focus on their key business activities.