Pharma-Medical and
FMCG Clearance

We cooperate on a daily basis with international and national Pharma, Medical Device and FMCG companies, wholesale suppliers and retailers. In this sector 60% of our customer portfolios are multinational corporations, and 20% are regional firms and retail chains.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector has helped us offer customized solutions to all of our clients so that they can reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and minimize customs duties.

Experienced employees design the best itineraries taking into account specifics of your order, offering optimal vehicle equipment, and supervising loading/unloading in compliance with all health standards. Our vehicles meet the requirements of international quality standards. Specifically includes protecting and preventing cargo from harmful effects due to surface contact from its means of transport.

Our Services Include

  • Checking of the documents received including Shell Life Certificate ,Certificate of Analysis, Form 10 etc to ensure conformity with requirement
  • Preparation of ADC Sheet.
  • ADC Examination and NOC as per Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1944.
  • FASSAI , A & Q , Wild Life and other NOC as per applicable Allied Act.
  • Custom NOC as per sec 47 of Customs Act 962.
  • MRP Labelling as per Legal Metrology Act 2004.
  • Obtaining Freight certificate from Air Console Agent.
  • Obtain Import License with concern authorities ( If required )
  • Preparation of Bill of Entry.
  • Processing of Bill of Entry in Custom.
  • Completion of Shipping Company / Airlines formalities in Docks.
  • Arrangement for Customs Examination and Out of charge in Docks
  • Loading of the Consignment from Docks.
We also assist in obtaining :
  • Form 10 required for Commercial Shipment under Drug and Cosmetic Act
  • Form 11 required for Clinical Trial Shipment under Drug and Cosmetic Act
  • Form 43 required for Cosmetic shipment under Drug and Cosmetic Act
  • Personal use Medicine license form 12 required from Drug and Cosmetic Act