PDS International has partnered with companies across the health and personal care industries for years, offering a customized approach designed for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other nutrition and personal care goods. We take special care to meet regulations, whether you require temperature-controlled warehousing or transportation, systems for recalls or hazardous material management, or scalability for urgent patient needs. We also work with each of our customers to develop custom solutions that will improve their supply chain to improve efficiency and generate cost-savings. 

Pharmaceutical Logistics

PDS International provides supply chain and logistics solutions to leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Our services include world-class temperature controlled atmosphere services, across the supply chain, delivering cargo to destination in perfect condition. Cold chain management, packaging and order fulfillment and recall management. 

Medical Device Logistics

Our medical device clients come from a variety of different industries. We support our customers' supply chain needs and we offer dedicated fleet / transportation management, warehousing including strict inventory control and product trial management.